audience watch a performer pushing 9 chairs off the table with her head for 6 min.

audience watch a projection of themselves for 6min


moving camera recording

sound of falling chairs

livesize projection of the audience

pile of chairs

Light (on)

Light (on)

Light (off)

Light (off)

(facing performance)

(facing projection)

Reflective Mechanism 2

year: 2015
media: performance/installation
duration: 15min/session
presented: Royal Academy of Art The Hague, NL

In an auditorium room, there are two rows of identical chairs facing each other. One of the chair rows is elevated, placed on top of the tables in a row and a performer in all fours motionlessly pushes with her top of the head against the row of the chairs. The audience welcomed to take a seat. When the room settled in silence. The performer in slow-motion begins to push the chairs. One by one the chairs hit the ground and pilling up in an unpredictable form. This slow sliding movement is captured with a camera attached to the chair next to the performer. When the chairs being compiled, the performer takes a seat next to the audience and dimes the lights. The slow, scanning, sliding recorded moving image of the audience is being projected in the large size. The second act is about confrontation and reflection on the process and perception of the performance. The recording shows three persons at a time and slowly in sliding movement reveals all the audiences. The is a moment for each audience member to look at themselves and gradually at the rest of the audience.